Not so hard you say?


…It doesn’t matter… If it has been a hard venture, you have no more worries as we’ve got you covered

And if you say it’s been easy, AWESOME! We still have tips for you to make the process EASIER.


Instead of having struggles day in and day out, wondering what you should or should not do to your hair…




“How to Manage Your Natural Hair With Ease On Top Shikini Money…”


With these simple secrets at your fingertips…

  • You’ll be able to care of your hair without stress…
  • You don’t have to be an expert just yet…
  • And the best part is, it is on a low budget too!


Dear Sweet Girls,


How do we go about these? The answers are simple. All we have to do is…


  1. When Washing Your Hair, Try Using Both Shampoo and Conditioner.

Most times, we overlook the importance of shampoo and conditioner when washing our hair. We tend to use our regular bathing soaps. This, however, damages the hair as it does not leave the hair moisturized… Yeah, yeah… when we have a little itching too, we feel the hair should be washed more times than it’s healthy for the hair. Here’s a fact that might come as a surprise to you, DO NOT WASH TOO OFTEN!


It dries the hair out and causes more harm than good.


When washing your hair, use warm water instead. This helps to manage the hair properly without stress and keeps the hair moisturized.


  1. Oil Shampoos and Conditioners

There are factors that should be put into consideration when getting shampoos and conditioners for our hair. Shampoos and conditioners packed with oils (jojoba, grapeseed or Argan amongst others) are preferable.

Let’s take Jojoba Oil, for instance, it helps to relieve a lot of scalp problems that relate to clogged pores and blocked hair follicles.

How about Grapeseed Oil? … It helps to promote hair growth and nourish the hair. It helps to reduce hair loss…

…And Argan Oil… this has both short and long term benefits… Need I say more?


Hold on!

Of course, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll tell you the benefits.


Immediate effects of Argan Oil is that it helps to control entanglement and makes hair more manageable, adding SHINE to it! For the long term use of this oil, it helps enhance overall hair appearance and improves its texture and health.

There you have it! And these are just a few amongst others. The list goes on and on and on…


After using your shampoo, condition only the lengths and ends of the hair. Avoid the roots.


  1. Wrap Your Hair

After washing, add a tiny bit of hair oil to the ends of the hair. As much as possible, use satin or silk pillowcase to help retain your hair moisture – if not use a silk scarf to wrap your hair before going to bed.


  1. Use Leave-In Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners, hair oils such as coconut oil, almond, or olive oils should be used. Keeping your ends well moisturized will prevent them from splitting in the future.


  1. Trim

When you feel you have split ends, trim your hair to prevent them from causing further damage to your hair length.

Be mindful to use a wide-toothed comb to gently brush from the ends going up. This is to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Or you can finger-comb your hair first; whichever one you prefer to do first.


  1. Hot Oil Treatment

If you have natural hair, the use of hot oil treatment once or twice a month is a good way of adding moisture (do not forget that the GOAL is to ALWAYS have the HAIR MOISTURIZED) and shine to your hair. As well as to improve elasticity.

It is simple…

Simply warm up one of your favorite oils, (Argan, avocado, coconut, olive or almond among others) in a jar thrown into hot water.

Once it is warm, section your hair and apply it to the scalp and ends. Do not forget to massage it in.

Leave on for 30 minutes, wrapping a silk scarf around your head to lock in the moisture and wash off with shampoo.


While hot oil treatments should be done less frequently, cold oils can be used daily- especially on hair ends.

Add a little amount of oil to your hands, rub and apply to the ends.


Or you can pour some oil in a spray can. Add a little water to it and spray it into your hair daily.


With these tips, I hope your natural hair gets the glow it needs.

Keep the shine all day, every day!


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  1. Arukwe Angel says:

    My daughter’s hair is so hard and she cries at each combing session. I used avocado pear,banana, egg and Shea butter mashed and mixed together, applied and covered with shower cap for 1-3 hours two consecutive times back to back and wash with blacksoap and warm water as instructed by a friend yet the hair is still like iron sponge

    • Chisom Ezeani says:

      Split ends can’t be cured. The only way to cure is to cut them off and then take measures to protect your hair tips. Make sure they are protected when styling your hair

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