Braids with curly hair is the rave now. In African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa etc, it has taken over the regular braids style.

Normally, women will just pop in and out of a braiding appointment with their neatly done box braids, ready to take on the world. These braids styles can range from Long box braids, bob length braids or chunky braids. Basically made with Single or Ombre tone braiding jumbo extensions.


Over the years, we have transitioned from just the regular box braids with knots to adding some curls at the tips for a more stylish look and to make your braids look fuller.

Normally, to add curls to braids, you just need 6 steps:

  1. Braid the hair first with a braiding extension. You can stop halfway or braid the hair to the end. See tutorial
  2. Wrap the part you want to curl in a curling rod.
  3. Dip it in extremely hot water (100 degrees) for about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Allow this to air-dry or use a dryer to quicken the process.
  5. Unravel the braids once it dries.
  6. Use a styling mousse or gel to make the curls firm to last long.

See the full  tutorial of how to do this.

This traditional method takes longer time and sometimes the stylist may not know how to recreate a particular curl pattern for our braids. To make it easier, brands have launched various types of curly braiding hair extensions you can easily add to your braids.

These extensions range can be used as is to braid or added to the straight braiding hair attachment for a more fuller look.

No hot water or curling is needed. Styling is easy. It can come in silky texture or coarse kinky texture.

These braids curl patterns can range from tight, wavy, loose curls, or deep curl patterns. Below are the types of curly braids used for braiding hair.

  1. Curly braiding hair popularly known as the Spiral curls, French curls etc. Curly braids extensions were simply made for braids or twists with curls at the tips and have a silky texture. The finished look is glamorous and sleek and can pass for human hair braids.

They can be braided as is leaving curls halfway or just at the tips. They can also be added to the tips of normal braids to make them longer.

2. Deep twist curls mostly used for Goddess braids , Curly crochet hairstyles and also for ponytails with curls.

Synthetic Ponytail (Google source)

Their curls are more closed to each other than other curls. Comes as latch hook so that it can easily be installed as crochet for a bold big-hair-don’t-care look.

3. Deep wavy braiding hair

Usually braided as is, used for Goddess braids or Curly crochet hairstyles Soft deep wave create a sweet and sultry look.

4. The final type is the water wave hair is mostly used for passion twists hairstyle. Most people have used it for passion braids, installed as crochet hairstyle or added to braids to achieve the goddess braids look.

To get any of these types of curly braiding hair, visit

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