A Simple 6-Step Hair Care Routine For African Hair Growth


Is having a hair care routine for hair growth a good idea?


Hair extensions are great… we loooove them.

But, in the midst of using different hair extensions and slaying with various to-die-for hairstyles, you’ve got to take care of your hair. 

The goal is to have healthy hair.

So, what does healthy hair look like?

  • It holds moisture
  • The ends are not split
  • You lose just a bit of hair when you comb or shampoo it
  • It stretches without breaking
  • It does not tangle easily
  • It’s growing (even if it’s not growing quickly)

Chances are you struggle with one or more of these.

The way to make sure you have good, strong, healthy hair is to create and stick to a hair regime.

To get the best out of your hair, you need a hair care routine designed for hair growth with these 6 simple steps:

  • Cleansing
  • Condition/Detangle
  • Sealing
  • Styling
  • Moisturizing
  • Healthy Living

Let’s take a quick look at each of them.


The goal is to remove product build up and the production of sebum using shampoos. 

(Sebum is the oil our skin naturally secretes).

When shampooing your hair, focus on the scalp. That’s where the dirt is at.

Tip: Use Sulphate-free Shampoos.


Conditioning replaces the natural oils that were taken out during cleansing. 

It will help close the cuticle layers, provide moisture for your hair and leave it smooth.

Detanglers make it easier for you to work on your hair by taking out the knots and tangles.


Water is the key to moisturized hair.

Make sure to choose a moisturizer that lists Water as its first ingredient because other ingredients don’t truly moisturize the hair.

When in doubt, just use water. It works amazingly.

Remember, when your hair is well moisturized, it breaks less.


A sealant prevents the moisture you’ve just applied to your hair from escaping.

Some great sealants for your hair are:

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea Butter


Opt for protective hairstyles as much as possible to retain your length.


Protective hairstyles reduce hair combing or manipulation, keeps the hair up and off the shoulders and cuts back on the use of heat.

Some great protective hairstyles are:

Healthy Living

Of course, your health affects your hair.

You need a good combination of exercise and a balanced diet.

Exercise helps promote blood flow to the body. This increased blood flow is important for the overall development of a healthy scalp, healthy follicles and strong hair growth.

On the other hand, a balanced diet provides the hair with all the nutrients it needs to grow.

And that’s it.

Remember, healthy hair is a choice and it all starts with a hair regime that you create and stick too.

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