Braids with curly hair is the rave now. In African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa etc, it has taken over the regular braids style. Normally, women will just pop in and out of a braiding appointment with their neatly done box braids, ready to take on the world. These braids styles can range from […]

How To Maintain Box Braids So It Lasts Longer & Looks Great

Protectives Styles. We know them. We love them. We understand how important they are in helping our hair to grow. And we know braids are the ultimate protective hairstyle when done right. Whether it’s regular box braids, locs, curls, crochet braids… you can’t go wrong with it. But then you also have to know how […]

Hair Growth Tutorial: 3 Ways To Grow Relaxed Hair

“For your hair to grow as an African woman, you need to have natural hair.” There’s a Natural Hair movement happening and women of African descent are realizing that natural hair can grow. But that leads to the unspoken belief that you can’t grow relaxed hair. This is a common statement thrown around about black […]


HOW HARD HAS IT BEEN MANAGING YOUR HAIR?   Hard?   Not so hard you say?   …It doesn’t matter… If it has been a hard venture, you have no more worries as we’ve got you covered And if you say it’s been easy, AWESOME! We still have tips for you to make the process […]

8 ways to take care of your protective style this season

We all know what this season is, the EMBER season. You know, lots of meeting new people, introduction, match making… Lol. And we absolutely want to look our best especially when we are travelling home. Shiny hair, sleek edges, neat scalp, well braided hair, trendy style. We definitely want to stand out. Who doesn’t want […]

Is your hair well prepped for braids?

Braids are always going to be the best protective style for your hair (both natural and relaxed hair). It’s our go-to style when we want to grow longer, stronger hair. But for every one woman who reaches her hair goals with braids, there are several more who experience damage and breakage from this style. To avoid […]

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