MEL 2 Tone Jumbo Ombre Braids


Like the Mel 2 Tone Extensions you are a very special Sweet Girl. These Hair extensions are made with special fiber composed of collagen protein. This makes Mel Extensions ultra light after installing. You will not feel any of the pull or heaviness typically associated with other kinds of Hair Attachment. “2 Tone” simply means it has 2 colors across the length of the extension. 

  • The Mel 2 Tone Extensions comes in 54 Variations/colors, this gives you wide choice to select a color that will suit your event be it work, party, weddings, family time or a company event
  • Smooth Textured to give you good comfort in all season: winter, spring, summer and autumn; rainy or dry seasons.
  • It comes 24 inches long (folded), just right at your waist if you’re 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 cm)
  • The Mel 2 Tone Braids is as versatile as you are and can be used for any kind of braids: Box braids; Ghana Weaving, Fulani Braids etc
  • Its Collagen protein property makes it long lasting meaning that the extensions still look new every day even if you have it on for more than 1 month. To protect your natural hair we advise not to leave your braids on for more than 8 weeks
  • Maintaining the Mel Braids is easier than you think because of its very special fiber. You don’t have to do much to touch it up other than the occasional spray. At night when you want to sleep use a scarf made of silk or satin to keep your scalp and braids moist. That’s all.