BEY Spring Twist Braid Extensions


Use our New Bey Spring Twist Braids  to show off how fabulously beautiful you are when you turn up at this weekend’s event.

Manufactured using the latest technology these extensions contain proteins that make it super light and 100% tangle free. You don’t have to worry any more about those agonizing headaches and heaviness typically associated with cheap low quality extensions. Run your hand freely through this beauty and experience the feel of smoothness and softness typically associated with the most luxurious silk.

  • The New Bey Spring Twist Braids comes in 23 varieties so you have the choice to select the perfect tone to Slay
  • Made from Collagen Proteins the Bey Spring Twist will look perfect every day whether you’re off to work, party or just hanging out with your tribe
  • Made using the latest scientific process in hair manufacturing the Bey Twist is the go-to hair extension for women on Natural Hair. Ready to try on a new protective Hair style? Use the Bey Spring Twist
  • Even though this Extension is soft to feel mimicking 100% Virgin Hair, it is as tough as you are on the inside. Suitable for all weather: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn; Dry or Rainy seasons